Port of Bremerton brings in five new tenants during pandemic

Date: Nov 17, 2020

The Port of Bremerton is excited to announce that five new tenants have leased land or buildings at Bremerton National Airport and Olympic View Industrial Business Park since the year started.


In total this brings the number of Port tenants to 68 and these tenants and the Port have provided the area with over 2,436 Port-related jobs, $137 million in labor income, and $455.4 million in direct revenue. 


“Even in these difficult times the Port of Bremerton continues to add new companies and new jobs in our industrial park,” Commissioner Bozeman said. “In the last five years we have attracted 35 new companies bringing our total to 68 tenants.”


The Port has also recently finished construction on a new 17,433 sq. ft building in the industrial park, is partway through construction of a new 5,300 sq. ft. building and multiple pad-ready sites along SR 3, is putting in the infrastructure for new hangars at the airport, and is starting construction of a new breakwater at the Port Orchard Marina. These new projects will benefit the community both directly and indirectly by providing more amenities, bringing more family-wage jobs in, and bringing in more revenue to the area.


“We’re glad to be able to support new and expanding businesses in such an unprecedented time,” Port CEO Jim Rothlin added. “By bringing new jobs and revenue into the community, we hope to help the people and businesses to better survive and recover when we put this crisis behind us all.”