UPDATE 9/27: Bremerton National Airport Runway 20/02 is now OPEN

The runway is now open: As of the evening of Tuesday, September 26, the runway is now once again operational.  Thank you for your patience during the project. The approach lights, ILS and runway 2 PAPI are still out but should be operational tomorrow when the FAA returns them to service. The runway lights and beacon are currently operational.

New Runway Striping 1 
Runwway Restriped 2
Runway Aerial

Today, Wednesday, September 27, the striping crew will be completing work on the taxiways, the runway will remain open and areas with wet paint will be marked off accordingly.

In a few days, you may notice the runway markings will be discolored, this is because the fog seal material is still curing. In roughly 30 days those markings will be “freshened up” and restriped, a shorter runway closure will take place at that time.

  Thursday, September 21 through Friday, September 29, 2017
Due to the forecasted weather for the beginning of the upcoming week, the runway closure will not start on Monday. The earliest the closure will start is Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7 a.m.The scheduled completion date is scheduled for sometime between September 24 and 29. The forecast will be re-evaluated Monday morning, plan to receive an update on the runway closure schedule at that time.

Why:  An FAA funded and approved pavement maintenance project to extend the life of the airport's runway

When the project does start NOTAMS will be issued accordingly. If you would like to relocate your aircraft to another airport Tacoma Narrows and Olympia have transient hangar space available for rent. For alternate airports to locate your airport please contact the Airport Manager, Tim Mensonides. 

We appreciate your patience during this time.

For questions, please contact Airport Manager Tim Mensonides at: timm@portofbremerton.org

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