Employment Application

Port of Bremerton

8850 SW State Hwy 3
Bremerton, WA 98312
1 (800) 462-3793
1 (360) 674-2381

Bremerton National Airport
1 (360) 674-2381

Bremerton Marina
1 (360) 373-1035

Port Orchard Marina
1 (360) 876-5535

It is the Port's policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, creed, pregnancy, parental status, national origin, marital status, age, sex/gender, sexual orientation (including gender expression and identity), actual or perceived victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, military or Veteran status, physical or mental disability, genetics/genetic information, family medical information, or any other status protected by law.


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General Questions
Question Yes No
Do you have friends or relatives employed by the Port of Bremerton?
ifyes, please provide their names and relationship to you:
Have you ever been employed here before?
ifyes, give approximate dates: -
ifhired, do you have a reliable means of transportation to and from work?
ifhired, would you be able to travel or work overtime as needed?
Are you able to perform all the essential functions of the job for which you are applying with or without reasonable accommodation?
Do you have a legal right to be employed in the U.S.? (ifyes, proof is required)
Are you of legal age to work?
If the job applied for requires driving, do you have a valid driver's license? If so, please provide the state and expiration date.
Exp. Date: State of Issue:
Personal Information
Employment Experience

Start with your present or most recent position.

Position 1

May we contact this employer?

Position 2

May we contact this employer?

Position 3

May we contact this employer?
Personal References

Please provide names, addresses, phone numbers relationship and how long known for two (2) personal references.

Reference 1

Reference 2


Please read each of the following items before submitting this application.

As a final step in the hiring process, an applicant may be subject to an employment entrance exam that may include screening for illegal drugs. Applicants who confirm positive on drug screening will not be considered for employment.

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