Business & Industry

You can have it all: Low costs, easy shipping, a prime work force and quality of life!

There are many good reasons to expand or relocate your business in the natural beauty of south Kitsap County in western Washington State. The following are answers to typical inquiries:

Why should our firm come to the Port of Bremerton and Kitsap County?

  • Kitsap County has been rated the #1 place to live in the U.S. (Money Magazine).
  • Moderate climate.
  • Surrounded by mountains and bodies of water--views are breathtaking.
  • Traffic problems, crime and congestion are minimal.

How do business costs stack up?

  • Land and wage costs are competitive.
  • Puget Sound Energy is less expensive than 118 electricity providers nationally (Energy User News).
  • Taxes are lower than in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and many other areas.

Are good employees available?

  • Absolutely. Many are highly-trained former military and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard people skilled in electronics, CAD/CAM, hydraulics, propulsion systems, low-noise technology, and numerous other skills.

Are permits easy to get?

  • The building permit process in Bremerton is streamlined and business-friendly.
  • Environmental regulations are consistent with federal EPA laws; no local hidden surprises.
  • The Bremerton area airshed is cleaner than many areas allowing business activities to be permitted here that are unattainable in other locales.

What about transportation?

  • Bremerton National Airport is home to corporate jets and charter airlines.
  • Sea-Tac International Airport and the Port of Seattle are just under an hour away.
  • The Port of Tacoma and Interstate 5 are less than 45 minutes away.
  • Rail access to deep water port in Grays Harbor, WA reduces transit time out of Puget Sound
  • Easy access to West Coast markets.
  • Shipping time to and from Asia is 1 1/2 days shorter than shipping from California ports.

What other advantages does The Port of Bremerton offer?

  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Olympic College offers a comprehensive vocational-technical training program, and will work with companies on campus or on-site.

What about R&D support?

  • Keyport research labs (U.S. Navy) are eagerly seeking project development partnerships, from CAD design through prototyping.

What access does Bremerton have to cultural events?

  • The Bremerton symphony.
  • Numerous theater groups.
  • Local and regional street fairs and celebrations.
  • Cultural activities in Seattle; 60 minutes away via a splendid ferry ride across Puget Sound!
  • The Admiral Theater has monthly cultural events with nationally recognized groups.
  • Sports fans can enjoy NFL, MLB, WNBA and professional Soccer League games.

What's the next step?

  • Contact us and we'll be glad to give you a site tour or provide any help you need to make a decision to come grow with us.